Without Ammunition a gun is just a glorified club. Presented here is a large selection of ammunition, including a variety of special types. Each type of ammo can only be used with certain weapons as detailed in its description. The table below details each type of ammo's cost in Thrones as well as the amount of shots this buys. Ammo does have a weight and it also listed, consider this when you start to lug around an armouries worth of magazines.

Ammunition profiles

Name Cost WT Availability Used With
Amputator Shells 0.1Kg Extremely Rare Stub revolvers, stub automatics, shotguns (all types), hand cannons, autopistols, and autoguns.
Arrows/Quarrels 1/20 0.1Kg Common All Bows and Crossbows
Adamantium Needles 75/1 0.1Kg Rare Needle Pistol, Needle Rifle
Explosive Arrows/Quarrels  0.1Kg Scarce All Bows and Crossbows
APDS Bullets 60/20 0.1Kg Scarce ALL Basic and Heavy SP Weapons
Shot 1/20 0.1Kg Common Flintlock Pistol and Musket
Basic Bullets 1/20 0.2Kg Common Autogun, Hunting Rifle
Steel Bullets 10/20 0.2kg Common Autogun, Hunting Rifle
Bleeder Rounds 0.2Kg Rare Stub revolvers, stub automatics, hand cannons, autopistols, and autoguns.
Expander Rounds 0.2Kg Scarce Stub revolvers, stub automatics, autopistols, and autoguns.
Shotgun Shells 1/20 0.1Kg Abundant  Ripper, Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Double Barreled Shotgun
Shotgun Buckshot 1/20 0.1Kg Plentiful Ripper, Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Double Barreled Shotgun
Shotgun Slug 1/20 0.1Kg Common Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Double Barreled Shotgun
Charge Pack(Pistol) 10(Full Clip) 0.1Kg Common Laspistol
Charge Pack(Basic) 15(Full Clip) 0.1Kg Common Lasgun, Lascarbine, Long Las, Hellgun
Charge Pack(Heavy)

30(Full Clip)

1Kg Rare MP Lascannon, Multilaser
Fuel(Pistol) 8/Full Clip 1Kg Scarce Cadence Promethium-Destroyer Flamer, Hand Flamer
Fuel(Basic) 10/Full Clip 0.5Kg Scarce  Flamer
Fuel(Heavy) 20/Full Clip 0.6Kg Rare Heavy Flamer
Pistol Bullets 1/20 0.1Kg Plentiful Stub Automatic, Hand Cannon, Autopistol, Stub Revolver, Judge Slayer
Heavy Bullets 1/20 0.3Kg Scarce Heavy Stubber, Ripper
HEAP Bullets 50/20 0.2Kg Scarce ALL Heavy SP weapons
Low Grade Ammunition* Varies Varies Varies Varies
Shells 5/1 0.5Kg Scarce Autocannon
Bolt Shells 16/1 0.5Kg Rare Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Mauler/Spitfire Bolt Pistols, Bolter Carbine, Hevy Bolter
Melta Canister(Pistol) 20/Full Clip 0.4Kg Very Rare Infernus Pistol, Inferno Pistol
Melta Canister(Basic) 15/Full Clip 0.4Kg Rare Meltagun
Mono-Arrows/Mono-Quarrels 5/6 0.2Kg Scarce All Bows and Crossbows
Plasma Flask(Pistol) 24/Full Clip 0.6Kg Rare Plasma Pistol
Plasma Flask(Basic) 18/Full Clip 0.6Kg Rare Plasma Gun
Exotic 20/1 0.4Kg Very Rare Needle Pistol, Needle Rifle, Webber, Web Pistol
DumBum Bullets 5/6 0.3Kg Scarce Stub Revolver, Stub Automatic, Hand Cannon, Judge Slayer
Hot-Shot Charge Pack 18/1 0.2Kg Scarce Las Pistol, Lasgun, Lascarbine, Long Las
Inferno Shells 18/1 0.8Kg Rare Double Barreled Shotguns, Pump-action Shotguns, Combat Shotguns and all Bolt Weapons
Man-Stopper Bullets 5/6 0.7Kg Scarce Stub Revolvers, Stub Automatics, Hand Cannons, Autopistols and Autoguns
Kraken Penetrator Bolts 0.5Kg Very Rare All Bolt Weapons
Hellfire Bolts 0.5Kg Very Rare All Bolt Weapons
Metal Storm Bolts 0.5Kg Rare All Bolt Weapons
Tempest Bolt Shells 0.5Kg Near Unique Bolt pistols, bolters, and heavy bolters.
Organ Grinder 0.5Kg Near Unique Heavy SP Weapons, Handcannon and  ALL Bolt Weapons

Amputator Shells: Filled with explosive micro-shrapnel, these bullets are designed to 'shear flesh and shatter bone, causing limbs to be blown away.' Amputator Shells add 2 to the weapon’s Damage. 

Arrows/Quarrels: Arrows and Quarrels come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materuials ranging from crude wooden shafts with flint tips to steel darts with razor-sharp points.

Adamantium needles are just what their name implies, finely cut slivers of adamantium which have been machined with a single mono-molecular tip. Although they lose the toxic trait, they instead add five to damage and eight to penetration.

Armour Piercing Discarding SABOT (APDS): Representing several variations on the theme of a rod penetrator launched with a sabot and featuring increasingly long acronyms, APDS is an anti-armour round representative of various efforts to get through armour. APDS ammunition provides a weapon with D10 to damage and +3 to AP.

Explosive  Arrows/Quarrels:   Explosive arrows and quarrels might be crudely tipped with shells, or treated with one of a variety of unstable alchemical compounds. Attacks are made with a –10 penalty, the weapon’s Damage type becomes Explosive, and the weapon loses the Primitive quality.

Shot: Shot is solid lead or stone balls and a powser charge used in primitive Blackpowder weapons.

Basic Bullets: Basic Bullets are a common type of bullet in many chambers but most can fit in basic SP weapons, and cannot be used with Heavy or Pistol Weapons.

Steel Bullets: replaces weapon damage, deals 1d4 damage, if you get 4+ degrees of success, the target must take a Toughness Test, if they fail, the limb that was hit is crippled.

Bleeder Rounds: This ammunition is treated with toxins to prevent coagulation and keep wounds bleeding freely. These shells are designed to burst on penetration and spread the anti-coagulants quickly. Bleeder rounds add 3 to the weapon’s Damage 'against living ‘biological’ targets (targets with the Daemonic 'or Machine Traits do not suffer the additional Damage).

Shotgun Shells: Shotgun Shells contain dozens of tiny balls and are designed to scatter over a wide area when fired, making them ideal for close-in work wgere accuracy is less important.

Shotgun Buckshot: Buckshot Shells contain dozens of tiny(but larger) balls compared to normal shells, and are designed to scatter over a wide area when fired, making them ideal for close-in work where accuracy is less important, Buckshot adds 1+ Damage, in addition, instead of following standard Scatter rules at long range, you just do -3 damage.

Shotgun Slugs: Shotgun Slugs are used when someone weilding a Shotgun care more about damage over spread, when using a slug, the Shotgun loses th "Scatter" Special but gains +2 Penetration and 35 meters to range.

Charge Pack(Pistol): Used for Pistol Las Weapons.

Charge Pack(Basic): Used for Basic Las Weapons.

Charge Pack(Heavy): Used for Heavy Las Weapons.

Fuel(Basic): Used for the Flamer and all Basic Flame Weapons.

Fuel(Pistol): Used for the Flam Pistol and all Hand held Flamers.

Pistol Bullets: Bullets that are typically of smaller caliber mostly used by Handguns.

Heavy Bullets: Bullets of a very large caliber, mostly used by Heavy weapons mostly emplaced.

HEAP Bullets (High Explosive, Armour Piercing): usually used by heavier weapons, these adds a D10 to damage, +4 to Pen and Blast(1) but remove 10 meters from weapon range.

Bolt Shells: The mass-reactive explosive Bolt Shell is among the deadliest kind of rounf in the Imperial arsenal, However the difficulty and cost of it's manufacture restricts its use to all but the most wealthy or well connected.

Melta Canister(Pistol): Canister's used for Pistol Melta Weapons.

Melta Canister(Basic): Canister's used for Basic Melta Weapons.

Plasma Flask(Basic): Flasks's used for Basic Plasma Weapons.

Plasma Flask(Pistol): Flask's used for Pistol Plasma Weapons.

Exotic: There are many kinds of weapons in the Imperium that use the unusual types of ammunition, from the viscious gel of a Webber to the finely crafted darts of a Needle Pistol.

Expander Rounds: Vicious and outlawed on some worlds, these dense shells are designed to shred open after impact, creating huge exit wounds. Shots fired with these rounds add 1 to both Damage and Penetration.

DumDum Bullets: These heavy blunt bullets are designed to cause maximum tissue damage and tear apart soft 'targets, though they are less effective against armour. DumDum bullets add 2 to the weapon's Damage, however Armour Points count double against them.

HotShot Charge Pack: This is a single powerful charge pack for a Las Weapon. A weapon using a hot-shot charge adds 1 to its Damage, rolls two dice for its Damage and picks the highest, and gains an Penetration of 4. However the weapon loses its Reliable special quality and its clip is reduced to 1(basically hot-shots are one-use charge packs)

Inferno Shells: These Shells contain a phosphorous gel that ignites on contact with a target. A target hit by an inferno shell must make an Agility test ot catch fire, in addition to suffering damage as normal. Inferno Shells may be used to set things on fire besides people.

Man-Stopper Bullets: These densely tipped bullets are designed to punch through armour. A weapon using man-stopper rounds adds 3 to it's Penetration.

Mono-Arrows and Mono-Quarrels: There are some technologically-advanced Imperial worlds where the bow and crossbow still see common use, usually due to long local tradition with these weapons. Artisans on these worlds will often craft arrowheads with monomolecular edges, improving the weapons' abilities against modern body armor and tough animal hide. A bow firing a mono-arrow or a crossbow firing a mono-quarrel increases its Pen by 2 and loses the Primitive quality.

Kraken Penetrator Bolts: Kraken Penetrator Bolts are used to punch through Armour, these Bolts add a 5 to Armour Penetration Value, but are illegel for those not in the Imperial Military.

Hellfire Bolts: Hellfire bolts were designed to inject a mutagenic acid, Bolt Weapons using these types of Ammunition add the Toxic special rule.

Low Grade Ammunition: ​​​​​​

On every world in the Imperium where arms dealing is a lucrative business - essentially, on every world in the Imperium - there are those who attempt to undercut the competition by selling inferior product at a lower price. While this is common enough with the weapons themselves (represented by Poor-quality weaponry), cheaply-made ammunition is also available for those who prize quantity over quality. These range from arrows and crossbow bolts that are just a little too dull or a little too light, to bullets that don't have quite enough powder in the cartridge, to ill-advised attempts at mass-producing bolter shells.

Low Grade Ammunition costs half as much as normal for its type and increases its Availability by one step, but reduces the weapon's Damage by 1. It also reduces the weapon's Penetration by 1, to a minimum of 0.

Metal Storm Bolts: Metal Storms are designed to provide just that, a hail of shrapnal at it's target any Bolt Weapon using this Bolt adds the' Scatter special rule

Tempest Bolt Shells: The mass-reactive explosive bolt shell is among the deadliest 'kind of round in the Imperial arsenal. Tempest bolt shells are 'perhaps the rarest variety, manufactured only in the temples 'of Mars. They contain a powerful miniaturised plasma-shock 'generator that releases a pulse of electromagnetic and thermal 'energy as the shell detonates. They are particularly effective 'against machine targets, but obtaining them from the Machine 'Cult is a nigh-impossible task. Change the weapon’s damage class to Energy and 'the weapon gains the Shock quality. The weapon adds 3 'Damage when used against a target with the Machine Trait.

Organ Grinder: These shells do damage equal to the weapon’s regular damage. If the target takes Damage from this shell, after reduction for Armour and Toughness Bonus, he must make a Toughness Test with a –10 penalty for every point of Damage taken. Success means the shell has either failed or is not powerful enough to cause further injury. Failure deals an immediate 2d10 points of Rending Damage to the victim with no reduction from Armour or Toughness Bonus.

Name Cost Wt Availability Used with
Spike 40/40 0.2Kg Extremely Rare Alien Spiker Rifle

Name Cost WT Availability Used With
Shuriken Bolt 75/100 0.1Kg Extremely Rare Shuriken Catapults, Shuriken Pistol, Avenger Shuriken, Ranger Long Rifle.
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