Kasrkin carapace armour

Stormtrooper Carapace Armor

Carapace Armor is made of densely layered plates of armaplas, ceramite or some other kind of highly durable material. It is heavy to wear and cannot easily cover flexibly areas such as joints, but it offers significantly better protection than lighter kinds of armor.

Carapace Armor Profile

Armor Type Location(s) Covered AP WT Cost Availability
Carapace Helm Head 4 2Kg 250 Rare
Carapace Vambraces Arms 5 2Kg 300 Rare
Carapace Greaves Legs 5 3Kg 375 Rare
E.O.D Carapace Suit All 6 18Kg 5000 Extremely Rare
Enforcer Light Carapace Arms, Body, Legs 5 15Kg 575 Rare
Poly-Carapace Head, Arms, Body 5 15Kg 575 Rare
Carapace Chest Plate Body 6 7Kg 600 Rare
Ceramic Carapace Body 6 4Kg 1500 Very Rare
Stormtrooper Carapace All 6 17Kg 3750 Very Rare

E.O.D Carapace is designed to protect the user against Explosives, when dealing with Explosive Damage, the suit gains an additional 3 AP