Cargo Lander

Cargo Lander.

Cargo landers are the workhorses of the atmosphere to void cargo and passenger transfer, being ubiquitous across the Imperium. Each cargo lander will vary according to its place of manufacture, but almost all are brutal, ugly lumps of heatscarred metal with large open cargo bays hidden within.

Cargo Lander Profile

Type: Carrack Class
Purchase Price: 500,000,000 Thrones
Size: Massive
Armour: Hull 15
Traits: Anti Grav, Void Capable, Warp Capable
Narrative Speed: 300 kmph/900 kmph (Void)
Combat Speed: 50/300/600/900/1200
Handling Modifier (Pilot (Aeronautica)): -10
Armaments: None
Crew: 100

Passengers: 10000(OR 20,000 tons of Cargo)
Access Points: Rear boarding ramp, crew access hatch/airlock.

Essential Componants

Ship Drive: Cypra-Pattern Class I Drive

Warp Drive: Albanon Warp Engine I

Gellar Field: Gellar Field

Shield: Repulsor Shield

Bridge: Commerce Bridge

Life Sustainer: Clemency pattern life sustainer

Crew Quarters: Voidsmen Quarters

Auger Array: BG-15 Assault Scanners

Background: Martial Hubris and Turbulant Past.