If there is one Weapon that defines the Imperium is it the Bolter, no other weapon type combines high technology levels with deliberate brutality, and no other race would consider making it but Mankind. Bolter Weapons fire rounds of self-propelled mass-reactive shells called bolts set to explode just after penetration.

Overall they are suburb, if tempermental, devices requiring skilled maintainence using the correct rituals and blessings. Furthermore they are all very rare weapons available to the lucky or well-connected few. Many are centuries old handed down from veteran to successor, and some have long legends attached to them from their great lineage, it would be a mistake to confuse these "civilian" weapons with those used by the Adeptus Astartes.

Bolter Ammunition is expensive and difficult to manufacture, and only the elite of the Imperium has ready access to it, the standard Bolter round is 0.75 caliber and has a super-dense metallic core with a diamantine tip, to use the various class of bolt weapons you must have the Pistol Training(Bolt), Basic Weapons Training(Bolt) or Heavy Weapons Training(Bolt) talent.

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