Skill Groups: Agri (S), Apothecary (Int), Armourer (S), Artist (Ag), Cartographer (Ag), Cook (Int), Copyist (Int), Embalmer (Int), Mason (Ag), Merchant (Fel), Miner (S), Prospector (S), Scrimshawer (Ag), Smith (S), Soothsayer (Fel) Tanner (S), Technomat (Int), Valet (Fel) and Wright (Int). Others may be available at the GMs discretion.

In order to craft you must possess one of the following trade's, most items that are craftable are of a primitive or archaic design, the materials needed will be shown in each item that is craftable.

Agri: Used to grow, care and harvest crops and animals.

Apothecary: Used to blend and prepare herbal remedies.

Armourer: Used to create and maintain armour and weapons.

Artist: Used to create works of art.

Cartographer: Used to take accurate measurements and turn them into maps.

Cook: Used to create and identify food.

Copyist: Used to swiftly copy text, illuminate manuscripts and forge written material.

Embalmer: Used to prepare and preserve corpses.

Mason: Used to assess and construct stone buildings.

Merchant: Used to find, bargain and sell trade goods.

Miner: Used to extract minerals, maintain mines and identify common hazards.

Prospector: Used to find and identify valuable materials.

Scrimshawer: Used to inscribe patterns, text and imagery onto materials.

Smith: Used to forge metals into shape.

Soothsayer: Used to give the appearance of telling the future.

Tanner: Used to prepare and tan hides.

Technomat: Used to maintain mechanical and tech items, often without any understanding of a machine’s true purpose.

Valet: Used to refine the appearance, give droll asides and tend to the needs of superiors in a gentlemanly fashion.

Weaponsmith: Used to create a variety of weapons.

Wright: Used to assess, design and construct buildings, vehicles and the like.

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