In addition to weapons and armour, there is a host of other equipment that Acolytes can make use of in the service of The Emperor.

Item Cost Wt Availability
Backpack 10 1Kg Plentiful
Cameleoline Cloak 500 5Kg Rare
Charm Varies - Average
Chrono 40 - Abundant
Clip/Drop Harness 25 2Kg Common
Clothing Varies - Abundant
Explosive Collar 55 1Kg Rare
Filtration Plugs 15 - Common
Infra-Red Goggles 275 0.5Kg Rare
Photo-Visors/Contacts 100 0.5Kg Scarce
Rebreather 50 1Kg Scarce
Recoil Glove 85 0.5Kg Common
Respirator/Gas Mask 25 0.5Kg Average
Void Suit 100 8Kg Plentiful
Synskin 2500 2Kg Very Rare


A personal carrying device can take many forms, but is usually some kind of bag with attached straps for ease of carrying. A backpack can usually carry approximately 50Kg.

Cameleoline Cloak:

Cameleoline material is made up of mimic fibres that blend the coloration of the wearer into their surroundings. The character wearing a Cameleoline cloak gains a +20 bonus to concealment tests. If the wearer remains stationary he counts as being at Extreme Range when targeted by ranged weapons.


A Charm is a keepsake, holy relic or good luck token that is intended to draw the benevolent eye of The Emperor to the wearer. They take a myriad of forms including such things as saintly finger bones, fragments of Bolter casings, water from holy rivers and even corpse hair woven into significant patterns. Throughout the Imperium there is no shortage of folk that will sell such items to Acolytes, though discerning the true relics from the false is an almost impossible task (thus the cost of a charm is entirely up to the GM and how well the Acolyte can haggle with the seller).

Charms have no tangible benefits. However, when the adventure calls for something bad to happen to a random character, at the GM's discretion a character with a charm will be exempt. If all the characters carry charms (as all Emperor-fearing citizens should) then it is up to the GM to choose which charms are most potent.


Chronos are hand-held or wrist-worn timepieces, generally dependable and simple to use.

Clip/Drop Harness:

A compact spool-stored safety line, with a magnetic or hooked clasp. These are ideal for safety on rooftops or rappelling down buildings. A character using a harness to descend a vertical surface gains a +30 bonus to Climb Tests and cannot fall if he fails.


The citizens of the Imperium wear a staggering range of clothing of all styles imaginable, and fashion is tied directly to the importance of the individual. For Acolytes, this represents such things as a suit of practical street wear, military uniform or religious garb. The cost of clothing is up to how much the Acolytes choose to spend on their apparel, from basic rags costing a few thrones up to exquisite and expensive attire costing thousands.

Explosive Collar:

These unpleasant devices are most often seen attached to penal legionnaires to serve as an additional incentive in fighting for The Emperor. Collars usually come with a remote trigger that can be used to detonate the collar up to and sometimes over, ranges of 1000 metres. When the collar explodes it instantly kills the wearer and inflicts 1d10 Explosive Damage to anyone within three metres. The remote trigger can also be used to remove the collar. Removing the collar without the trigger requires a Hard (-20) Tech-Use Test. A serious or worse failure indicates the collar explodes.

Filtration Plugs:

These are simple plugs worn in each nostril to screen out most pollutants and harmful gases. A character wearing filtration plugs gains a +20 bonus to any Toughness Tests made to resist the effect of gas.

Infra-Red Goggles:

Relatively simple devices, IR Goggles allow the wearer to see thermal images from warm bodies, revealing hiding enemies at night. A character wearing IR goggles suffers no penalties due to darkness and gains a +20 bonus to vision-based Perception Tests at night. Advanced models can be disguised to appear as simple eyeglasses.


Advanced lenses designed to enhance the low-level light available on even the darkest nights. Users can see in the dark almost as well as in daylight with them. Characters wearing these gain the Dark Sight trait (Page 325). Good Quality visors also dampen the effects of photon flash grenades, making the wearer immune to their effects.


Consisting of a mask or helmet, re-breathers contain their own air supply and are designed to preserve the user in even the most toxic atmospheres. A character wearing a re-breather is immune to the effects of gases and can even survive underwater. However, re-breathers typically have air canisters that last for about one hour and then must be replaced. Replacing a canister is a Full Action. Replacement canisters cost 25 thrones and are scarce.

Recoil Gloves:

These gloves have interlocking plates connected with memory wire. When the user grips the weapon, it locks into a rigit strut around the hand and wrist, thus preventing wrist or arm damage when the weapon discharges. A character using a recoil glove can fire a Basic Weapon with one hand without the normal -20 penalty. In addition, Pistol Weapons that require two hands can be used one-handed without penalty.

Respirator/Gas Mask:

This is a breathing mask that covers the nose and mouth or entire face and offers much better protection than filtration plugs. A character wearing a Respirator or Gas Mask gains a +30 bonus to Toughness Tests made to resist the effects of gas, and may re-roll failed tests.

Void Suit:

These sealed suits are intended to preserve the wearer in the most hostile environments. A void suit incorporates a re-breather and in most addition allows the wearer to survive in Vacuum.


Synskin is a bio-reactive bodyglove with an inert non-reflective surface that moulds itself to the wearer's form. Synskin adds 2 Armour Points to all locations and the wearer gains a +10 bonus to Concealment and Silent Move Tests. In addition, synskin renders the wearer invisible to the effects of Infra-Red Goggles and Dark Sight.

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