Acolytes come in all forms and in some cases, Species, here you will find a list of the player Homeworlds, Humans can be born on any of these worlds, but the Xenos are born on their respective worlds.

If playing as a Xeno, the player automatically gains the "Sanctioned Xenos" trait, IF they are anither player's pet(or ifthey npc their owner) if a xeno player does not desire a master, they must pay 100xp, or risk death by Imperial hands.

For the Abhuman Imperial Worlds(Ratling/Ogryn/Squat) see their pages for what they can do, Ratlings and Ogryn's gave special advances in the book Only War to go alongside their class advancements.

to help with randomization, try this out for choosing a homeworld:

Human or Xeno chart
Human: 1-5
Xeno: 6-10

Human Homeworld Chart

Homeworld Roll
Beastman World 01-09
Feral World 10-19
Forge World 20-29
Hive World 30-39
Imperial World 40-49
Mind Cleansed 50-55
Penal Colony 56-59
Noble Born 60-65
Frontier World 66-69
Ogryn World 70-79
Ratling World 80-89
Schola Progenium 90-94
Space Marine(WIP) 95
Squat World 96-100

Most worlds if not all now have been updated to Dark Heresy 2(stats) but have capability of being rolled normally

Xeno Homeworld Chart

Homeworld Roll
Asari World 01-05
Eldar World 06-10
Dark Eldar World 11-16
Wookiee World  17-21
Hrud World 22-32
Jiralhanae World 33-38
Khajiit World 39-43
Kig-Yar World 44-48
    Kroot World  49-54
   Krogan World 55-65
Ork World 66-68
Salarian World 69-70
Sangheili World 71-72
Tarellian World 73-74
Tau World 75-77
Trandoshan World 78-79
Turian World 80-81
Unngoy World 82-88
Vespid World 90-93
Volus World 94-97
Yautja World


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