Crank Cannon

Crank Cannon.

The Volg VI has one simple virtue—its ease of manufacture. The “Crank Cannon” uses cheaply
prefabricated parts and standard heavy stubber ammo. Its firing mechanism is purely hand-powered, the firer literally cranking the firing handle to grind the ammo belts through the breach and rotate the weapon’s quad barrels. Originally produced as an inexpensive and
mechanically simple weapon to defend against Hive Volg’s many treacherous forms of wildlife, the “Big- Six”, as it is also known, has proved to be a great success despite its drawbacks. The weapon is produced in huge numbers on Fenksworld and exported to cheaply supply low-grade PDF forces and the private arms market across the sector. A real brute to use, especially for long periods, it’s unsurprising that “Crank” gunners are often marked by massively overdeveloped right arms.

Crank Cannon Profile

Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Wt Special Cost Avail
Heavy 70m –/–/5 1d10+5 I 0 100 3Full 38kg Unreliable 500 Average

SB Requirement: 4

Inquisitor's Handbook content

Can only be found on Hive Worlds.

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