500px-Firespray SWGTCG

Firespray ship in action.

As a prisoner transport, the ship featured numerous holding cells and devices made for the most exotic of creatures. A trademark of the ship was that it landed horizontally with the drive engines facing the surface and the cockpit facing upward. To transition to normal flight mode, the ship rotated so that the cockpit faced forward while the drive engines faced rearward.

The stock ship was well armed and armored for its size, with on-board storage space and room for several passengers and/or cargo. Roughly as fast as Koensayr's Y-wing starfighter/bomber, the ship had more than enough speed and maneuverability to intercept smugglers and other renegades.

Firespray Profile

Type: Civilian Craft
Purchase Price: 120,000 Thrones
Size: Massive
Armour: Hull 18
Hull Points: 12/12
Traits: Anti Grav, Void Capable
Narrative Speed: 300 kmph/900 kmph (Void)
Combat Speed: 50/300/600/900/1200
Handling Modifier (Pilot (Civilian Craft)): -10
Armaments: None
Crew: 2 (Pilot and co-pilot) Passengers: 4
Access Points: Rear boarding ramp, crew access hatch/airlock.