Judge Slayer Hand Cannon

Judge Slayer


"Judgeslayer" designs are used by criminals and lawbreakers fearing their often illegal activities coming to the attention of either Arbites or local Enforcers. Searching for a weapon capable of stopping a carapace-armored Arbitrator in his tracks they often seek out Hereteks or backstreet killsmiths for 'Judgeslayer' Handcannon. These designs are characterised by a crazed disregard for the safety of the user, as all the normal precautions in pistol design are thrown away to allow the creation of a weapon equally lethal to its user and the victim.

Judge-Slayer Profile

Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Special Rld Wt Cost Avail
Pistol 20m S/-/- 1d10+2 I 6 4 Unreliable,
Full 3.5Kg 100 Average

Judge-Slayer Special Rules

Unsafe: the creation of a "Judge-Slayer" often makes it more powerful at the expense of it's reliability, for every 2 shots fired you must roll a D100, check this against your Ballistic Skill, if you fail, your gun jams for 1D5 turns, the only way to unjam it before hand it to take it back to the killsmith you found or Heretek.

Illegal: These types of Handcannon's will never appear in a legal shop and will be confiscated if found on your person, you may only purchase these types of weapon after making friends with Revolutionaries or Gangers.

SB Requirement: 3

Mix of custom content and Book of Judgement Content

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