Plate Armour

An example of Plate Armour.

Often made from basic materials such as hides and soft metals, this kind of armour is better suited to turning blades than stopping bullets. Armour with the Primitive quality only provides full protection against attacks made with weapons that also have thw Primitive quality. Against all others, it provides half the normal AP(Round up).

Primitive Armour Profile

Armor Type Location(s) Covered Special AP WT Cost Availability
Gang Leathers Arms, Body Legs - 1 5Kg 25 Average
Heavy Leathers Arms, Body, Legs - 2 7Kg 100 Common
Quilted Vest Body - 2 2Kg 10 Common
Beast Furs Body - 2 10Kg 5 Average
Grox Hides Body - 3 14Kg 60 Common
Chain Coat Arms, Body, Legs - 3 18Kg 75 Average
Bronze Chain Coat Arms, Body, Legs - 3 22Kg 55 Common
Feudal Plate Armour All Plate 5 30Kg 200 Scarce
Bronze Full Plate All Plate 3 26Kg 125 Uncommon
Bronze Half Plate Body, Arms Plate 3 13Kg 75 Common
Xeno Hides Body - 6 20Kg 5000 Very Rare

Plate: Against weapons with the "Primitive" quality, this armour's AP doubles, as norma however, any weapon without primitive it halves rounding down.

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