SMC-1245 Spacecraft.

The SMC-1245 was designed to be a direct improvement over the SMC-1244, but it only saw a limited production run. Its basic design was similar to the SMC-1200 with its centrally-placed cockpit and symmetrical design, while the rest of the ship returned to the saucer-like design of the SMC-4400.

SMC-1245 Profile

Type: Civilian Craft
Purchase Price: 150,000 Thrones
Size: Enormous
Armour: Hull 12, Wings 12
Traits: Anti Grav, Void Capable
Narrative Speed: 800 kmph/3000 kmph (Void)
Combat Speed: 100/900/1700/2600/3000
Handling Modifier (Pilot (Military Craft)): 0
Armaments: top mounted and bottom mounted twin linked autocannons.
Crew: 1 (Pilot), Passengers: 7 (or 2 Passengers and 1 Hulking Vehicle)
Access Points: front boarding ramp.