Gun Servitor2

Gun Servitor.

“Once We Were Gods.”

— Opening statement of the Proscribed Techno-Heretic Text “In defence of the future; a logical discourse”, M.38.

Servitors are automatons or robots whose basic
control components are organic and most often human in origin. The process of creating a servitor purges the higher brain functions and psychic pattern of the subject thus destroying the personality and will, rendering it a blank slate to be programmed. Servitors can vary very widely in form and function, from crude but
powerful industrial models, to the faceless mass of basic labour drones, to gilded and unique creations built to serve the needs of the wealthy and powerful.

Servitors Cost Availability
Janus Simulacra 20,000 Very Rare
Praetorian 35,000(+weapons) Magos Only

The Janus Simulacra

These human-form servers are advanced indeed, often containing only the barest minimum of living tissue. They skirt the edge of the direst techno-heresy with their cogitator-assisted cortex functions and seeming parody of human responses. Playthings of the most fantastically wealthy, simulacra are often fashioned in the shape of gilded works of art—human-sized dolls come to life or seemingly animate statuary. But beneath their resplendent finery lives a clockwork heart and hydraulic-fed piston limbs slaved to a harvested living cortex and splicedin nerve ganglia. Despite the wonder and sophistication of these creations, only the most depraved or foolhardy would attempt the sin of passing one as human or aping sentience too closely, for to do so would provoke the unbridled wrath of the Cult Mechanicus, and entire worlds have burned for this transgression in the past.

Janus Simulacra Profile

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
30 30 40 50   30 20 30 35 20

Movement: 3/6/9/18

Wounds: 12
Skills: Awareness (Per +10), Dodge (Ag), plus any one Entertainer, Lore, or Trade at +20.
Talents: Talented (one programmed Skill).
Traits: Dark Sight, Machine (4), Natural Weapon (fist).
Weapons: Unarmed (1d5+4; Primitive). Armour (Machine): Head 4, Arms 4, Body 4, Legs 4.
Gear: Internal comm-bead plus any equipment or systems required to fulfil its function.

Praetorian Battle-Servitor

While the more commonly encountered basic models of gun- and combat-servitors serve as powerful guardians and
foot soldiers, the Praetorian class represents another order of power entirely. Massive in stature they are heavily armed and armoured, mounted on a tracked or otherwise augmented chassis for stability and possessed of wrathful and destructive machine-spirits.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
40 40 (10)50 (10)50   30 20 30 40 05

Movement: 4/8/12/24

Wounds: 20
Skills: Awareness (Per +10).
Talents: Two-Weapon Wielder (ranged), plus any Weapon
Training appropriate to its armament.
Traits: Armour Plated, Auto-Stabilised, Darksight, Fear 1, Machine (5), Natural Weapon (servo-fist), Size (Hulking),
Sturdy, Unnatural Strength (×2), Unnatural Toughness (×2).
Weapons: Unarmed (1d5+10; Primitive) and any two of the following—Breacher, Chain Axe, Electro-Flail, Flamer,
Heavy Bolter, Heavy Stubber, Melta Gun, Missile Launcher (Frag and Krak), Plasma Gun, or Webber.
Armour (Machine): Head 7, Arms 7, Body 7, Tracks 7.
Gear: Internal vox-bead, ammo hopper or power cells equivalent to three clips for each weapon, targeting system
(as red dot laser sight).

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